Welcome back to my kitchen!

Happy August!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post. I normally do post 3 new No Sugar Baker recipes a week. I hope you are enjoying them!

On the 16th, it will be exactly the 2-year anniversary from when I first got “sick”! To this day, I can remember telling the Hubs I couldn’t sit through a theater play. He looked puzzled and agreed to leave at intermission. On the drive home, he gestured that we stop for a birthday ice cream cone. Of course, I agreed. That would be the last ice cream cone (sugar filled) I’ve ever had!

Look at US now!

1. Today, we are launching a revised No Sugar Baker website. This new platform allows you to search for recipes, order items and watch those jim-dandy garage sale videos and more! You can sign up for the No Sugar Baker newsletter and get coupons for our favorite items.

2. The first No Sugar Baker cookbook was released in March, and it has led to over 200 media stories nationwide! It feels incredible to share OUR story with others and encourage them—if we can do it, they can do it too! Amen.

3. This one I can’t believe! We are now in over 60 grocery stores and gift shops. Take a look at the map on the new website and go say “hi” to our friends!

4. I’m two recipes away from finishing the No Sugar Baker Cookbook Volume II! It should be ready for purchase in November, right before the Christmas season. I can’t think of a better gift—than the gift of life.

5. Paris, our No Sugar Baker spokesperson, started crawling like a champ!

6. Em is done with the police academy and training. She’s cruising in her own patrol car.

7. The Folks are eager for the turning of fall leaves and are sitting back watching this awesome journey unfold every day—in every direction—based on The Light.

8. The Hubs is still wondering why I give all the desserts I whip up to the taste testers and leave him with crumbs.

9. And, I’m dumbfounded, a major network asked for my “reel.” I thought they meant “fishing reel.”

Together, we are making an impact on our own lives and hopefully showing others the drive, grace and power that lives within to become healthy. I’ve never felt better—two years without a drop of sugar.
We keep on rollin’ forward. Go be awesome!

Love to you—for He is with you, always.

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