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Jayne J. Jones Beehler – AKA The No Sugar Baker ™

Jayne, born and raised in Minnesota, grew up on chewy tator-tot-hotdish and sugary pans of bars. After law school, Jayne worked in state and federal government public policy roles. Jayne has founded a government grant firm, a nonprofit chaperone travel service for individuals with intellectual disabilities and learning differences and authored six national and world award-winning books. Jayne loves braised current events, is bubbly strong willed, and her least favorite charred word is “no.”

Favorite Food: Fish

Favorite Once a Year Treat: Cheetos, Tator-tots, and I love my mom’s peanut butter chocolate graham cracker or lemon bars.

A self-taught decadent cook, baker and party thrower, Jayne’s main love is entertaining and knocking everyone’s aprons off with her creativity, devotion to dollar saving tips and delightful savory tastes. Though far from “a-typical,” a typical weekend would find Jayne roaming enticing garage sales, trying a new gratifying recipe on her glorified taste testing team, and rooting for her friends in the National Hockey League.


Jayne got deathly ill and sick in the fall of 2019. Her love of the kitchen, party throwing and zest for life got crumbled up in one bite. But, not out of sight. She had a sour after-taste but that bitterness won’t last long or become over baked. The timer was up for perishable days.

After six months of blood, sweat and tears, Jayne rolled up her sleeves, put back on an apron and went to work as the No Sugar Baker ™.

Jayne is married to Chris Beehler, (AKA The Hubs), and has a college-aged daughter Emily (AKA Em).


Meet the No Sugar Baker ™ Family

Chris Beehler (AKA The Hubs)


Favorite Food: Ahi Tuna or Bone-In Ribeye (Medium Rare on Both)

Chris was born and raised in California. As a hockey goalie, he moved to the Midwest following his love of the game. Chris graduated from college with a degree in recreation management, has coached youth teams for over twenty-years and has never tasted a meal he hasn’t liked. Jayne and Chris married in 2012. He didn’t know at the time; he was adventuring on a life journey with the No Sugar Baker ™. Chris’ favorite dish is a no sugar, no flour homemade pizza. From day one of diagnosis, Chris has played a vital role in Jayne’s health, ensuring her daily needed nutrition, zest for life is joyfully engaged, and giving a truthful evaluation of every new recipe.

David and Margaret Jones (AKA The Folks)


David Favorite Food: Baby Back Ribs and Any Flavor of Pie
Margaret Favorite Food: Porterhouse Steak Or Bowl of Buttered Noodles
David & Margaret’s: Favorite Once A Year Treat: They Share an Entire Rhubarb Meringue Pie

David and Margaret Jones have three grown children and eight grandchildren. They met as high school sweethearts and have been married for over fifty-four years. Their children have been their number one priority in life and will always remain their concern, worry and love. Jayne is their only daughter and baby of the family. The trio (The Folks plus Jayne) has been a strong unit and team from day one. They have been Jayne’s sounding board on this journey and gleefully volunteer to taste test any new recipe. They cried and thanked the Lord, the day when Jayne reintroduced herself to her kitchen. They have never missed a meal in their life and relish on sitting back watching this journey
continue and unfold.

Emily Beehler (AKA Em)


Favorite Food: Salmon and Sushi
Favorite Once a Year Treat: Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

Emily is a two-sport college athlete, who is admittedly addicted to sugar. She’s a political science major who is anxious to start her career in law enforcement. Emily enjoys the creative side of life. From art to hands-on, Emily gets juiced to explore all things nature related. Emily came into Jayne’s life at the age of 12 and this dazzling duo now can finish each other’s sentences, outwardly share the same values and used to demolish a tub of ice cream in a day. Emily has changed her lifestyle adapting to her parents’ new nutritional habits. While still a sugar junkie, Emily hasn’t shied away ever from trying new recipes or tastes. She’s loving all of Jayne’s desserts, meals and treats.She’s super stoked to have parties back in their lives. Emily has called dibs on designing the No Sugar Baker ™ cookbook cover.

Paris (AKA Baker's Apprentice)


Jayne and the Hubs are the overly protective and extremely proud Godparents to Paris! This spunky, loving and most beautiful blue eyed doll warms every heart and is always smiling! She loves to play with her two older brothers and is the official spokesperson of the No Sugar Baker family.

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