Sizzling toasty greetings! Welcome to my kitchen! Like everyone, I have a recipe for the good life to relish. It’s been the cook’s primarily secret until now.

“You are making my job too easy! You’ve been 90% of this hard work. I wish all my patients got it like you do. Stay at it! I need a new picture on your file, I don’t even recognize that old person anymore!” That was last week from my primary physician (aka Doc Lopez) dreaded salty checkup.

I’ve been prescription drug free for a week. In less than 6 months, my A1C has dropped 7 points, my dress size has dropped 4 sizes and I’ve lost over 60 pounds. All by diet, exercise and one monitored prescription. I’ve never taken insulin and refused Doc Lopez’s outwardly attempt. He utterly agreed and said, “let’s see how it goes.”

I got oozing sick on my 45th birthday. I found myself scrapping the cream cheese frosting off a store-bought carrot cake. It was just me and the knife.
I puked afterward and couldn’t stay awake. More to come on this—next recipe.

I scrambled and was determined to get my life back.

Grab your oven mitt and come along with me. This blog is dedicated to “No Sugar Baking!” We’ll talk flavorful treats, scrumptious low-cost meals, zesty hot garage sale bargains and together, how we can chef up a healthy recipe and life, while having rib-sticking fun.

This is no roast. I took up running this week. Yes, you read that right! Ok, that is our secret ingredient. My husband (aka The Hubs) and my daughter (aka Em) are the only ones in the kitchen that know. Check that— along with my nosy neighbors wondering what on earth I am doing– while intermittently walking. If Doc Lopez would have told me, in 6 months, you’ll be running, I would have left instantly. Laughing all the way to grabbing a new pint of frosting and a clean knife.

We’ll take this one day at a time. This week, I’ve challenged myself to be raw. I’ll share the first weeks of my layered cake. Then we’ll move on to strictly the joys of baking and sweetness of life. BecauseI’m far from a baker’s dozen, from an all doom and gloom personality, I’ll spice up each pouched post with a new never tried lip smacking recipe.

We’re on a roll. Life is sweet.

All this made with LOVE!

Jayne (aka The No Sugar Baker!)

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